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At every level, Waldorf Education seeks to build community. In the classroom, it accomplishes this by replacing competition with collaboration, by setting the stage for deep and lasting relationships among students and between students and their teachers. The Waldorf school tradition of non-hierarchical governance and administration enhances the possibilities for a strong and healthy school community. Community is also built through school festivals, which are often shared with friends from outside the immediate school family, as well as through parent participation in school committees, in the classroom and on the board. Evening classes, lectures and study groups draw eager adult learners from every sector, thus widening the embrace of the Waldorf school.

Educating Children For the Journey

Waldorf teacher, Jack Petrash gives us his valuable perspectives on educating children.

Preparing for Life  

A New Film from Paul Zehrer and the Waldorf School of the Peninsula

"We were extremely pleased with our older son James’s education at Whatcom Hills Waldorf School. There was a clear qualitative difference between James’s experiences at prior (non-Waldorf) schools before we moved to Bellingham and WHWS. It was breathtaking to watch how quickly James bloomed at WHWS."

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