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Extended Day and Childcare Programs


Our Extended day lead teachers are Mary Darling and Emily Wynne.  Teachers can be reached by dialing the school phone number, 733-3164 ext. 106. Please let us know of any food allergies, chronic health conditions or other concerns.  Our program can accommodate gluten, dairy and nut allergies.

The WHWS Program is licensed by the State of Washington. Our locations, staffing and other details are guided by various State requirements, including concerns about child abuse and neglect. For planning purposes, we prefer that children be pre-registered for extended day and childcare. Drop-in spots are available at a higher hourly rate. Pre-registration forms will be available in the office and must be filled out by the first of every month. The pre-registration rate is $6.00/hour. The drop-in rate is $8.00/hour.

The Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Extended Day and Childcare Programs are designed to parallel and reinforce the regular school day and provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can continue to explore creative, active and social endeavors honoring diversity.  Our students in the fifth through eighth grades have successfully used the WTA buses after school. The bus stop is located on Cable Street and students are escorted by a teacher on staff.

Early Childhood Extended Day - Sunflowers

The Preschool program takes place in the Sweet Peas preschool classroom and the lead teacher is Emily Wynne.  The Kindergarten program is held in the childcare classroom next door to Lavender Kindergarten.  Mary Darling is the lead teacher for both the kindergarten and grades school program.  The early childhood Extended Day Program reflects the young child's need for physical and emotional comfort and gentle guidance. The hours of this program for preschool and kindergarten children are 12:30pm - 3:30pm. If care is needed beyond this time, arrangements can be made for your child to join the grades school childcare.  To respect the rhythm of the program, we ask that children attending are not picked up before 2:00pm. The early childhood program provides an organic, healthy, vegetarian lunch.


Each day there will be a healthy, hearty lunch. Children tend to eat better and are less distracted when everyone is eating the same meal together. Lunch is tailored to the dietary needs of the pre-registered children in attendance each day. If your child has dietary restrictions and will be dropping in please provide a lunch for him or her. Otherwise, packed lunches are discouraged. Menus are posted in the classrooms.


Each day the children will have a rest time. Some will sleep; others curl up for a much-needed rest after a long morning of busy, social activity. 


After rest time the children may play inside choosing from a variety of activities.  If everyone is awake, play time will be spent in the wonderful outdoors.


Grade school Childcare Program

The Grade school Childcare program is open to children in grades 1st - 5th. Older children are  welcome on a pre-arranged, case-by-case basis. No children can remain on campus unattended, and are brought to the childcare classroom by 3:15pm. This program is open until 5:30pm every evening and will provide a healthy, hearty snack.

Vegetarian Snack
Gluten-free soup, rice & beans, baked potatoes, vegetables, noodles and the occasional healthy treat! Menus are posted in the classroom.

Play & Create
Weather permitting, we explore and play outdoors. Inside time may include stories, games, making art or seasonal crafts.


Our Childcare program is self-supporting. Our rates reflect the balance between the high quality of care we are striving to provide and your budget. We recommend that children be pre-registered for Extended day or Childcare, but drop-in is also available at a higher rate. Pre-registration forms are available in the office and must be filled out by the first of every month to qualify for the discount. You can pre-register for one month, or for the whole school year if your schedule stays the same. The pre-registration rate is $6.00/hour. The drop-in rate is $8.00/hour. Once students are signed in by their teacher (within a 5 minute grace period), a charge for one hour of care will be assessed. Rates then are assessed in 30 minute intervals.

Late Pick-up 

A surcharge of $6.00 for every 15 minutes, or portion thereof, that our childcare staff is detained after hours will be billed. Cases of chronic disregard for closing time will result in late fees of one dollar ($1.00) per minute past 5:30pm.


Your child's teacher should be clearly informed at the beginning of the day if your child is to go to the childcare program. Teachers are required to sign children in. Parents or car-pool drivers are required to sign children out of care with their full, legal signature. Our childcare staff maintains these records and turn in the hours to bill on your tuition statement. Continued use of the program is, naturally, dependent upon timely payment of the fees for its use.

The Childcare teachers maintain the day-to-day operation of the program itself. Any difficulties or concerns regarding the program may be addressed to the teacher or the school administrator. We encourage open communication.

The Childcare program uses all the same records that the school does for your child as required by the State of Washington. Please keep us informed of any changes. Our staff is current on first aid and CPR. Sick children are not to be in school or the Childcare Program. Children who become ill while at school will be cared for and parents called to come for their children as soon as possible. Medications will be given only according to the school's policy. In an emergency, the parents will be contacted first; if unavailable, then the emergency contacts listed, then the child's doctor. 

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