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Grade 1-8 Programs

Waldorf Curriculum 


The curriculum provides a balanced experience in the Humanities, Sciences, and the Arts with the goal of engaging the child in an integrated educational activity appropriate for their particular phase of development. Subjects and skills are introduced in an imaginative, living manner, which sparks an eagerness for learning and an enthusiasm for life. 


Academic Program 

The Waldorf grade school curriculum is rich and intricately coordinated with an understanding of the developing child. The goal of Waldorf Education is to unfold each child's unique potential by providing a challenging academic program that strengthens and nurtures the artistic and imaginative life. Subjects are presented in a method designed to engage the conceptual life, the feeling life and the will of each student. This endeavor presents the opportunity for a "well rounded" education while supporting diverse learning styles. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach to a variety of subjects including foreign language, mathematics, botany, art & music, history, physics, chemistry, language arts, life sciences and human anatomy and physiology. 


Artistic Program 

We encourage children to actively participate in the wonder and beauty of life. Through daily exposure to music, art, and movement, each child learns increasingly complex social and communicative skills. Beginning in first grade each student is taught to play the flute, the lyre in second grade, and orchestral stringed instruments in grades four through eight. The Waldorf curriculum includes knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, form drawing, eurythmy, woodworking, and gardening. These artistic activities are continuously interwoven with the academic subjects to provide a holistic educational experience.


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