Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a 5 day program, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm. An extended day option is available until 3:00pm with extended care until 5:30 in needed.

Kindergarten is for children ages 4 ½ to 6 ½. Our Kindergartens are mixed-age classrooms. 

Children must be 6 years old by May 31 to seek first grade entry. Most children spend two years in Kindergarden which provides a solid foundation for grade school.

A Waldorf Kindergarten is an extension of the family experience, an intermediary step for the child between home and formal schooling. The goal is to provide a warm, calm, secure, aesthetic environment in which the imagination and creativity of the child will flourish.

The quality of the physical environment of a Waldorf Kindergarten is integral to its goals for the children. The feeling of warmth and security is largely created by using only natural materials: woods, cotton, and wool in the construction of the decor and toys. In this warm environment are placed toys which the children can use to imitate and transform the activities that belong to everyday adult life.

At the Whatcom Hills Waldorf School, children meet themselves deep in the realm of the imagination through stories, songs, puppetry and imaginative play. They meet the world through tasks like baking, sewing, hammering, sawing, sweeping, gardening and grinding grain, which connect them to the rhythms of their body, to life in the family, the community and the natural environment.

The teacher weaves daily and weekly rhythms into the cycles of the year. In autumn, songs and stories celebrate harvest themes. Looking toward winter, craft activities may include candle making, working with wool, and creating colorful transparencies for the window. In spring, bulbs poke through the brown soil, their hints of green encouraging the children to plant seeds for the summer garden.



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