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Sweet Peas Preschool

Sweet Peas hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.

An extended day option is available until 3:00PM in the preschool.

Sweet Peas is a preschool program for children who are three years old and potty trained by May 31st of the year of entry. It is mixed-age class for 3 and 4 year olds

Waldorf preschool teachers strive to create a warm and lovingly simple environment that provides a gentle transition from home to the world of school. With the understanding that young children learn most about the world by imitating the adults and the environment around them, teachers strive to create a program worthy of this imitation. Soft colors and beautiful spaces provide a calm and nurturing background for daily activities. Through free play, indoors and out, children develop the social and emotional skills, verbal capacities, physical development and natural curiosity that set the stage for future learning. By working together in an imaginative way children begin to cultivate their skills in the social arts while maintaining their individual uniqueness. In the Waldorf preschool each child's gifts are recognized with an appreciation for how those gifts contribute to the well-being of the social whole.

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In a Waldorf Preschool, imaginative play is the most essential activity. Whatcom Hills' program for the young child has two basic beliefs: That the child before the age of seven, learns through imitation; and that play is the work of the young child.

An atmosphere of warmth and calm sets the stage for a rhythmical cycle of activities each day, including:

            • Free Play
            • Artistic Activities
            • Circle Games
            • Songs and Rhymes
            • Outdoor Play and Walks
            • Puppet Plays & Stories

Through an experience of these activities children develop the verbal skills, social capacities, large and small motor skills and curiosity that are all essential for later learning.







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