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Choosing a school is a big decision for a family and we want to answer any questions you may have along the way.


The first step is to reserve a spot on one of our tours.  These adult-only informational sessions include visits to classrooms while they are in session so you can see the students and teachers in typical classroom activities. If our tour schedule doesn’t work for you please call and see if we can arrange a short individual tour and conversation.


Next step is to complete and submit an application and then we will give you a form to request your child’s school records to be sent to us. We will arrange for you and your child to meet with with the class teacher for conversation and a short assessment. Before any final decisions are made, we usually invite the student to make a three day visit to the class. After the classroom visit, the teacher will make the final decision on acceptance.



If you have any questions regarding enrollment or school tours please contact:


Becky Brownlie
Enrollment Coordinator
phone: 360.733.3164
email: [email protected]

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