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Gardening program begins in third grade

The journey from First Grade through Eighth Grade here at Whatcom Hills Waldorf School is guided by a time-tested curriculum, seasoned teachers and a close-knit parent community. Your children will experience a balanced and rigorous academic education with their class teacher that is expanded by specialist teachers in Spanish, Handwork, Chorus, Strings or Band, Physical Education, Gardening and Woodworking. Students also enjoy the outdoors – backpacking, hiking, sailing and curriculum related gatherings with other Waldorf schools in our region.


Our highly-trained and experienced teachers are eager to welcome your family into the school community.  We are fully accredited by the Association of Waldorf School of North America.

From the Waldorf Association

In grades 1-8, children absorb material and learn best when academics are conveyed through multiple methods. We use hands-on activities, observation, reading and other methods to teach in a variety of ways. All subject areas, including math and science, are enriched through artistic means such as poetry, drama, drawing, and music, in an atmosphere of familiarity, and trust. Pedagogical methods utilized in grades 6-8 are similar to those used in earlier grades, yet topics are tailored toward the emerging adolescent capable of more abstract thinking.

Mon – Thur: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM and Friday 8:30 AM – 1:15 PM
School starts the Wednesday after Labor Day and ends in mid June.


Extended care is available until 5:30

For more info or to register, contact:

Becky Brownlie

Enrollment Coordinator
(360) 733-3164
[email protected]